Dr. J. S. Juneja
Vice Chairman, India SME Forum

An MBA from University of Oregon, USA and with a Doctoral Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Bombay, Dr. J S Juneja has a unique experience in the public & private sector managements and has worked diligently for SME development, policy formulation & advocacy, institutional capacity building & restructuring, entrepreneurship development for over three decades. He has been instrumental in promoting investments and joint ventures from India to other countries of Asia and Africa especially to Mauritius and Botswana. He has consulted with the Governments of Egypt, UAE, Kenya, Sri Lanka and several other countries of Asia & Africa, the United Nations organizations and the Commonwealth Secretariat etc. He has served as the President of AIMA and was the longest serving Chairman of National Small Industries Corporation. He has been a Visiting Professor to the University of Rhode Island, USA and IIT, New Delhi. Dr Juneja has written extensively and recently authored “SMEs in Asian Region - Harnessing the Growth Potential” & “Policy Guidebook for SME Development in Asia and the Pacific”, published by United Nations ESCAP.