Prahlad Kakar
Chairman, India SME Forum

Prahlad Kakar started his career in advertising in 1970 in ASP Delhi and went out to virtually invent a genre of television advertising in the years that followed. He has ruled the advertising world with his brand of irreverent humor, memorable brand building campaigns and has created Award winning commercials for the most reputed Corporates and agencies in India and the Asia Pacific region. Known as the “Ad guru” he has been instrumental in changing the face of advertising in our country bringing in the appropriate “regional Indianness” and values into an urban context through his films, creative workshops, articles and interviews. Today the innovative corporate, Ad guru, Branding Strategist, Chairman and Board Member of India SME Forum is involved in providing innovative 360-degree solutions consulting with Small and Medium Companies and brand building various products and services. Creative workshops, Motivational, Marketing, Branding and Leadership interactive sessions for Entrepreneurs, middle management and top management executives in providing marketing solutions and focusing on the Company’s growth story apart from consulting with various government agencies and institutions to strategize and deal with current issues and future challenges. He is the driving force behind single handedly creating focused, imaginative, successful professionals over the last 3 decades.